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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 16.0

Create, edit and share dynamic presentations
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Generate personalized presentations embedding various items such as texts, graphics, photos, animations, videos and even music. Collaborate with your coworkers in real time and co-author your presentations.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 12.0 is a program to build slideshows with text, images and sounds.
Is part of the Microsoft Office 2007 Standard Package, and is not sold separately. This review is about the Spanish version of this program.

PowerPoint is widely used in organizations to build presentations for educational and bussiness purposes. It makes easy for everyone with very few computer skills to show ideas or products in a tidy way, using text, images, sounds and transitions. It can even be connected to a projector to view the presentations on a large screen.

The information is organized in individual slides, each with its own content. A presentation is made of a bunch of slides, that are saved in a single file.

You can use predefined styles to improve the appearance of your slides. You can add prerecorded sound, or your own words. You can choose the transitions, set how much time will a slide stay on screen or set the presentation to advance manually.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • Is the de facto standard to build presentations. There are thousands of slideshows made with some version of this program


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